Ladies Corner

Ladies Corner

Some Spiritual Thoughts...

Christians are not guaranteed a life of ease. Christians are actually warned that they will face trials, tribulations, and persecutions, not only from society in general, but also from their friends and families. Christians are not sheltered from tragedy in this life (2 Tim. 3:12; 1 Corinthians 4:11-13; Matt. 5:44-45).

Likewise, those who are not followers of Christ also face difficulties, trials, tragedies. Therefore, when we read passages like, “‘There is no peace,’ says my God, ‘for the wicked’” (Isaiah 48:22 and Isaiah 57:21) in comparison to the many troubles the first century Christians faced, we are left to wonder why Christians and the wicked “seem” to be in the same boat. 

Well, after consideration and study of God’s word, we can see that they are not in the same boat at all, but that there are big differences between the two. The wicked are suffering because of their sin, therefore justly, but ironically they view their suffering as “not fair.” Whereas Christians “count it all joy” when they suffer, recognizing that their suffering is actually not suffering at all, but a blessing--an  opportunity to trust in God and His strength; a time to reflect upon the unjust suffering of our innocent Savior, who endured more affliction than we can imagine, yet willingly and without complaint (Isaiah 53:7); a chance to grow into a stronger servant in the kingdom of Christ (James 1:2-3; Romans 5:3-5).

We also know that the wicked have no hope of relief from their suffering, while those who prove to be faithful followers of Christ look forward to eternal life free of all pain and all strife (Matt. 13:41-43; Matt. 13:49-50; Romans 8:12-25; 2 Corinthians 1:3-11).

Would you rather suffer as a person of the world or as a Christian? I believe the answer is quite simple, but as I look at so many, it is clear that they have neglected to choose that good part. They are worried and troubled over many things and have not experienced the peace that comes from being a servant of God (Luke 10:38-42; Philippians 4:6-7).